Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

20 for 20 Campaign

In an effort to raise funds for next school year’s anniversary celebration, we are starting a "20 for 20 Campaign".  We ask families within the Westfield community to give back to the school that has given so much to your children over the years.  With a simple donation of $20, you can help us recognize the commitment of our teachers, the achievements of our students past and present, and what we hope will be an enduring legacy of Westfield High School.  You can use the link below to submit a donation.  While the suggested amount is $20, we appreciate anything you can contribute to our celebration.


My School Bucks

You need to have a current account to use this option.
• Log on to MySchoolBucks
• Click on School Store
• Click on Browse All Items – the following page will list all of the products within our School Store
• Click next - Westfield HS 20th Anniversary Donation product is listed on the second page at the bottom

FCPS Foundation

There is no need to have an account to use this option.
• Fill out the form and ensure you indicate, “Please have this donation go to Westfield High School for the 20 for 20 campaign” in the box at the bottom that allows donors to specify funds for a specific school/program.
• Once you click submit, the next page will bring them to where they will enter their credit card information.

You can also pay by check

  • Checks can be made out to Westfield High School with “20 for 20”in the memo
  • Checks or cash can be put in an envelope and mailed to the school made to the attention of Gregg Greentree.

We appreciate your continued support.  Please reach out to Gregg Greentree @email if you have additional questions or suggestions.