2020 Summer Assignments

Summer Reading for ALL Bulldogs, AP and Honors Assignments

Westfield Reads!  Summer Reading Assignment

This year’s summer read will be a choice book.  Here is your challenge:

Select a book by an author/with a main character who has a different perspective from your own.  Be ready to discuss the book with your English teacher at the beginning of the school year.

For some help finding diverse titles, consider visiting the following websites:

If you are looking for a book that captures our current events, this would be a good time to revisit our 2016 summer reading book March: Book One, a graphic novel autobiography by Congressman John Lewis, the last remaining speaker from the 1963 March on Washington.  You can even watch a video of the time he visited Westfield High School and spoke to a packed gym (below).

Literature can be a window into another world, but it can also be a mirror we hold up to ourselves and our society. We hope you’ll join us in the celebration of reading powerful books.

Honors and AP Summer Assignments

Summer assignments lay the foundation for understanding the course you'll be taking this year.  Each department is listed.  Click the name of the department to expand the listing.  You'll find each AP and Honors course listed, links to assignments and any relevant links and a course contact below.   

If you have any difficulty accessing links or materials within the assignment, please email the teacher listed.   

Career and Technical Information

Advanced STEM Engineering | No Summer Assignment

STEM Engineering | No Summer Assignment

Economics and Personal Finance Honors | No Summer Assignment


AP Language | Assignnment (PDF) |  Kirk Ewalt kaewalt@fcps.edu

AP Literature | Assignment (PDF) | Jessica Naeve jlnaeve@fcps.edu

English 11 Honors | Assignment  (PDF) | Helen Mondloch HFMondloch@fcps.edu

Fine and Performing Arts

AP Art Studio Drawing, 2D and 3D | Assignment (PDF) | Elaine Florimonte eflorimonte@fcps.edu

AP Music Theory | No Summer Assignment


AP Calculus AB | Assignment  (PDF) | Scott Wultors scwultors@fcps.edu

AP Calculus BC | Assignment (PDF) | Scott Wultors scwultors@fcps.edu

AP Statistics | Assignment (PDF)  | Brian Nolton bjnolton@fcps.edu

AP Computer Science A&P | No Summer Assignment

Geometry Honors | No Summer Assignment

Algebra 2 Honors | No Summer Assignment

Pre-Calculus Honors | No Summer Assignment


AP Biology | Assignment (PDF) | Christina Zschoche CCZschoche@fcps.edu Greg Robinson @email

AP Chemistry | Assignment (log in with fcpsschools account) | Penelope Panzer pjpanzer@fcps.edu

AP Environmental Science | No Summer Assignment

AP Physics (all levels) | No Summer Assignment

Chemistry Honors | No Summer Assignment

Biology Honors | No Summer Assignment

Social Studies

AP GovernmentAssignment (PDF) | Charlie Gibbs cdgibbs1@fcps.edu

AP Human Geography | No Summer Assignment

AP US History | Assignment (PDF) | Amanda Blizzard AMBlizzard@fcps.edu

AP World History | No Summer Assignment

AP Economics | No Summer Assignment

AP Psychology | No Summer Assignment

World History I Honors | No Summer Assignment

US VA History | No Summer Assignment

World History II | No Summer Assignment

World Languages

American Sign Language Level 4 | No Summer Assignment

Spanish 4 | No Summer Assignment