Courses and Academic Advising


Our goal at Westfield High School is to provide a challenging academic program that will also match the interests and talents of all students.  The course catalog presents a wide array of courses, including all standard offerings for Fairfax County Public Schools and those that are specific to Westfield High School.    We encourage you to consider past achievements, interests, and goals when selecting courses in order to create a balanced academic schedule.  Take care to design a comprehensive course of studies that includes all required classes for the diploma type you seek.  Choose electives that offer an opportunity for enrichment, exploration, and career investigation.   Our hope is to empower all students to find their passion, path and purpose.   Students will meet individually with his/her school counselor to finalize course scheduling requests.  Students, teachers, counselors and parents work collaboratively to design an individualized academic program that will promote student success, achievement and preparedness for post-secondary endeavors. 

Important Resources

Grade 9 Course Catalog

Grade 10-12 Course Catalog 

Academic Expectations for AP Courses

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