Korean Exchange Program

October 12, 2017

Westfield High School, with support from the Fairfax County Public Schools and the South Korean Ministry of Education, has a partnership With Haewon High School located in Incheon, South Korea. Westfield High School students have a unique opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program with international education students from Haewon High School.


We are seeking 10 families from the Westfield community who are each willing to host two Haewon High School students in their homes during the week of January 6 – 13, 2018.  In exchange, selected Westfield students will travel to Incheon, South Korea during the week+ of March 23 through April 1 or 2 (FCPS Spring Break).


The cost to Westfield students, who are selected, will be approximately $1,000 (An estimated value of well over $3,000).

Information Sheet