Parental Consent for Digital Tools

September 03, 2020

At Westfield HIgh School, our teachers will use a variety of digital resources to support student learning and promote communication and collaboration with students and families.  Some of the digital resources your student may use this year will require your consent before they can be used.  You can find our school’s list of the resources that require parental consent here.

Included on this page is also a link to a form where you need to indicate whether or not your student is allowed to use the list of digital resources this year.  This page also provides more information about how FCPS carefully reviews digital resources for approval and why we must request your consent before using certain tools.  We encourage you to complete the parental consent for digital resources form as soon as possible, as your child will not be able to use the digital resources until we have received your permission.  Please reach out to your student’s teacher if you have questions or concerns about the digital resources we’ve chosen to use this year.