Westfield's Legally Blonde Nominated for 14 Cappies

By Tom DeRusso
Performing Arts
May 22, 2017

The Westfield High School production of Legally Blonde has been nominated for 14 National Capital Area Cappies.  The Cappies are a program through which high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics and attend plays at other schools.  They then write reviews which are published in local newspapers.  The student critics vote to determine the nominees and winners of The Cappies, which are presented at a formal Gala at the Kennedy Center in June.  There are 13 Cappies regions across the country, with Westfield being located in the National Capital Area.

The Cappies Awards Gala will take place on June 11th at the Kennedy Center.  Good luck to all Westfield Nominees!

Westfield 2016-2017 Cappies Nominations

Best Musical Actor in a Musical-John Henry Stamper Actress in a Musical-Molly Van Trees Supporting Actress in a Musical-Aja Rene Comic Actor in a Musical-Ian Balderston Male Dancer-Gene Kim Female Dancer-Aubrey Cevarich Ensemble in a Musical-Sorority Girls Choreography-Emily Bidinger, Sarah Bresnahan, Bridgette Carey Props-Marty Bernier, Kristine Lowkis, Isaac Tarlton Marketing and Publicity-John Coughlin, Anna Krelovich, Diana Witt Rising Critic-Grace Jenkins Returning Critic-Diana Witt Critic Team