Ensure your laptop is ready for the start of school!

Prepare Your Laptop

Please help us continue to prepare student FCPSOn laptops for the new school year by following these steps:

  • Plug the device into an outlet.
  • Turn the device on and let it boot up.
  • Ensure it is connected to the internet at that location.
  • Let the device sit for 30 minutes. No additional log-ins or activities are required.
  • Do this once per week this month to ensure the laptop has the latest updates to start the new school year.

This weekend/next week, please take time to turn on student laptops, charge them if needed and test the microphone and video. To do so, please type the word "Camera" in the search bar on the lower left side of the desktop screen. Open the camera app. Switch from still camera to video mode on the right. Press the red button to record with some audio. Now view and listen to your video. Can you hear your voice? Can you see yourself?  Hurray! Your webcam and microphone are working. 

If your camera or mic doesn’t work, have the student log on to this site to look for troubleshooting tips: .