Asynchronous Back To School Night Videos

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Career and Technical Education


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Fine and Performing Arts

Jaime Croson

Tracy Dumais

Elaine Florimonte

Enza Giannone-Hosig

Alan Johnson

Katie Pierce - Chorus

Wendy Pierce

Greg Rupert

William Schnepper

Ellyn Whiteash

Health and Physical Education




Social Studies

Joshua Aranda

John Baranowski

Amanda Blizzard - AP Human Geography

Amanda Blizzard - AP US History

Amanda Blizzard and Michaela McMillan - Peer Helping

Michael Byers - Government

Geoffrey Case - AP Macro/Microeconomics

Geoffrey Case - World History and Geography I Honors

Geoffrey Case - US VA History

John Carey - World History 2 and US VA 

Shawn English - AP Research

Shawn English - AP Seminar

Shawn English - Honors Government

Kathleen Flasco - African American History, Honors US VA, US VA for ELLs 

Charles Gibbs - Honors Government

Charles Gibbs - Government

Kieran Hahne - Psychology and AP Psychology

Steven Hirsch - US History

Steven Hirsch - AP World 

Elizabeth Jackson - US VA Government 

Elizabeth Jackson - AP Modern World History

Lon Pringle United States & Virginia History

Lon Pringle - World History and Geography I HN

Kevin Morris - World 1 History

Kevin Morris - Government

Sarah Murphy - World 1, US VA, Combating Intolerance

Kim OBrien - World History I and World History 1 Honors

Layla Razmgar - Personal Development and World History I

Joshua Richards - US VA History and Strategies for Success

Jason Sachlis

Jennifer Santiago - World History and Teachers for Tomorrow

Allie Sheridan - World History Honors

Allie Sheridan - AP Psych

Gretchen Snyder - Honors World History I

Gretchen Snyder - Honors US VA History

Emily Tsantes - Econ Personal Finance and US VA 

Sarah Yungshten - World History

Sarah Yungshten - World History 1 and Strategies for Success

Remmy Valdivia - World History and Geography I 

Remmy Valdivia - World History and Geography 2

Special Education

Irene Amamoo

Reina Angel

Suzette Andersen

Brian Barrows - Biology 1 

Tracey Barrows

Casey Bills - Westfield Employment & Transition Representative

Michael Byers - Strategies for Success 

Michael Byers - Government

John Carey - World History 2 and US VA

Kaitie Clarkin - Geometry and Algebra 2 

Jenna Coots

Elen Hernandez Contreras

Mary Deskins

Kylie Eldredge

Kimberly Escamilla - AFDA

Marzenna Frank - Math, Career Prep and Life Skills

Rebecca Garber - Strategies for Success

Rebecca Garber - English 10

Rebecca Garber - English 12

David Groff

Elyse Grossberg - English 11

Sara Hall

Stephanie Hand

Becky Hartnett Chem/Active Physics

Anna Hoover - Westfield Employment & Transition Representative

Susan Hollingsworth

Craig Hoyt - Geometry 

Carson Huling - Personal Development

Giovanna Jaffa 

JNa Johnson

Emily Koth

Jessica Kirkpatrick - Individualized Math, Career Prep, World History, Foundations of World History

Mary Klark

Amy Lubow - Algebra 1 

Jessica Magarelli  

Alexandra Manikas 

Ryan Mettinger

Jennifer Mugg

Angie Myers - Special Education Department Chair, Last Names L-Z

Mitra Nelson - Literacy Essentials

Rabia Noorzad

Akua Oppong

Frances Pike

Margery Pratt - Econ and Personal Finance and Strategies for Success

Patty Prose - Geometry

Gwendolyn Purcell - Work Awareness Transition

Rawaz Qaradaghi

David Raich

Layla Razmgar - Personal Development and World History I

Sudha Singh 

Rebecca Shen

Miranda Smith

Katelyn Touhey - English 10 and English 11

Emily Tsantes - Econ Personal Finance and US VA 

Sofia Wainwright 

Corrine Ward

Ashley Winfield

Sarah Yungshten - World History 1 and Strategies for Success

Student Services

Marlyn Adames

Cara Ciccolella

Melanie Coleman

Laura Cudahy

Michelle Denny

Kelsey Feathers

Susan Fox

Jim Franklin

Tency Henton

Kaitlyn Huizing

Dana Hughes

Lori Klein

Ariana Larson

Brittney Lee

Donna Leone

Araceli Manoatl

Nicole Morales

Cathy Piscarcik

Bill Sidener

Nicole Shaw

Bobbi Snyder


World Languages

Offices and Support Staff

Susan O'Keefe

Daveyva Garcia

Alexandra Sherline

Diane Saint Germain 

Susan Schumacher

Katie Park

Kristine Oleksiak

Donna Cook

Tina Tagliavia

Isaac Bumgardner

Shandi Partner - Athletic Trainer 


Tony DiBari - Principal

Kyle Laspe - Assistant Principal, Subschool 1

Scott Davies - Assistant Principal, Subschool 2

Laura Waterman - Assistant Principal, Subschool 3

Xiara Davis - Assistant Principal, Subschool 4

Amanda Dorr - Assistant Principal, Subschool 5

Vanessa Hunter - Director of Student Services 

Terri Towle - Director of Student Activities

Dana Ouart - Systems of Support Advisor

Travis Tucker - Dean of Students

Kevin Mahan - Safety and Security Specialist

Margaret Sisler - School Based Technology Specialist