Academic Advising and Curriculum Night

Our goal at Westfield High School is to provide a challenging academic program that will also match the interests and talents of all students.  We encourage you to consider past achievements, interests, and goals when selecting courses in order to create a balanced academic schedule.  Take care to design a comprehensive course of studies that includes all required classes for the diploma type you seek.  Choose electives that offer an opportunity for enrichment, exploration, and career investigation.   Our hope is to empower all students to find their passion, path and purpose.   Students will meet individually with his/her school counselor to finalize course scheduling requests.  Students, teachers, counselors and parents work collaboratively to design an individualized academic program that will promote student success, achievement and preparedness for post-secondary endeavors. 

General Information and Documents for Rising 9th Graders

9th Grade Academic Advising Presentation 

9th Grade Course Sheet 21-22 (PDF)

Directions for Selecting Courses in SIS (PDF) 

Using Naviance Student to Guide Course Selection (PDF)  


View 9th Grade Course Catalogs



  • January 13th - rising 9th graders meet with their high school counselors for Academic Advising during the school day
  • January 14th - virtual Curriculum Night.  Parents are invited to join a virtual session from 6:30-7pm and can ask questions by department from 7-8pm.  Links will be emailed to parents the day of.
  • January 15th - rising 9th graders have the opportunity to meet with electives teachers to select their choices. 


Additional information (available as a PDF above)

Middle School Vs High School

  • Block Schedule:
    • Most classes are every other  day for 90 minutes. 3rd period meets every day
  • Classes will require studying, time management, and homework
  • Take advantage of Bulldog Block
    • 9th grade counts as much as any other year. ALL high school credits are included in the GPA
  • Students can carry their backpacks with them during the school day
  • Lockers are not assigned but students can request one through Student Services
  • We offer late buses on Monday for students who would like to stay after school to get help with a class or attend a club meeting
  • Students are assigned to a sub school based on their last name
    • A sub school consists of an Assistant Principal, Administrative Assistant, and two School Counselor

Westfield Block Schedule

A Day

Pd. 1: 8:10-9:36

Bulldog Block: 9:42-10:17

Pd. 3: 10:23-11:16

Pd. 5/lunch: 11:22-1:23

Pd. 7: 1:29-2:55

B Day

Pd. 2: 8:10-9:36

Bulldog Block: 9:42-10:17

Pd. 3: 10:23 – 11:16

Pd. 4/Lunch: 11:22-1:23

Pd. 6: 1:29-2:55

Lunch will be held during periods 4 & 5.  We have 4 lunches – A, B, C & D. Students will be assigned to a lunch according to the class they have during periods 4 & 5

Extracurricular Activities & Sports + Strong Academics + Community Service = An AMAZING High School Experience (Plus Colleges WANT to see you involved)


  • Fall – Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Golf
  • Winter – Basketball, Indoor Track, Swim and Dive, Wrestling, Gymnastics
  • Spring – Baseball, Crew, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis, Softball
  • Marching Band
  • Dance Team
  • Theatre
  • Clubs and  Honor Societies
  • Check for more information.

Clubs & Activities

  • The best way to have a successful four years of high school is to get involved.
  • Westfield High School offers more than 80 clubs
  • We also have honor societies, a yearbook & a school newspaper.
  • For more information visit our website at:

Curriculum & Scheduling

SOL Courses

  • English 11 Reading
  • English 11 Writing
  • World History & Geography 1
  • World History & Geoography 2
  • US & Virginia History
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geosystems

Verified Credits

A verified credit is earned when a student passes a course and the corresponding SOL test.


  • A student earns a ‘B’ in Biology but does not pass the Biology SOL. Is this a verified credit? NO
  • A student fails Algebra 1 but passes the Algebra 1 SOL. Is this a verified credit? NO
  • A student earns a ‘B’ in World History 1 and passes the World History 1 SOL. Is this a verified credit? YES

Standard Diploma Requirements

Standard Diploma Course Requirements for Students Entering 9th Grade for the First Time in 2018-19 and Beyond

Subject Standard Credits Verified Credits
English 4 2
Mathematics 3 1
Laboratory Science 3 1
History and Social Science 3 1
Health and Physical Education 2  
World Languages, Fine Arts or Career & Technical Education (1 credit must be a Fine Art or Career & Technical Education) 2  
Economic and Personal Finance 1  
Electives (must include sequential elective) 4  
AP, HN, IB course or Career and Technical Education Credential    
First Aide/CPR/AED training    
Total Credits 22 5

Advanced Studies Diploma Requirements

Subject Standard Credits Verified Credits
English 4 2
Mathematics 4 1
Laboratory Science 4 1
History and Social Science 4 1
Health and Physical Education 2  
World Languages, Fine Arts or Career & Technical Education (1 credit must be a Fine Art or Career & Technical Education) 3 or 2+2  
Economic and Personal Finance 1  
Electives (must include sequential elective) 3  
AP, HN, IB course or Career and Technical Education Credential    
First Aide/CPR/AED training    
Total Credits 26 5

Standard vs. Honors


  • Is this one of my favorite courses?
  • Do I have the work habits & am I willing to study & do homework daily in this subject?
  • Am I comfortable moving at a quicker pace?
  • Am I motivated to understand material rather than just memorize it?
  • Am I a strong reader & writer?
  • Am I up for more challenging projects & papers?
  • Am I willing to do summer assignments?

Typical 9th Grade Schedule

Required Classes Choice #1 Choice #2
English 9 Standard Honors
World History & Geography 1 Standard Honors
Biology/Environmental Sci Standard Honors
Math Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2 Algebra Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors
Health & PE 9    
Additional Classes    
World Language/Elective    

Online Courses

  • Several Core classes are available to take online
  • Online courses are not easier
  • The courses in many instances will cost money
  • Students may need to be off campus if taking an online class
  • Summer online registration for summer school courses will begin January 2021.
  • Additional information can be found at the Online Campus website:

Expunging a Grade

  • Rising 9th grade students have a one-time opportunity to expunge a high school grade & credit taken during middle school.
  • Requests must be made, in writing, within the first 9 weeks of the following school year.
  • These courses apply:
  • Algebra – regular & honors    
  • Geometry – regular & honors
  • World Language

Elective Classes

World Languages: 

  • The advanced studies diploma requires 2 years of 2  different languages or 3 years of 1 language.
  • Students should earn a “C” or better in order to move to the next level of a language.
  • Students entering the 2nd year of a world language should have a strong knowledge base in the language’s alphabet, placement of accent marks, spelling, Achieve a rating of “Novice High” for Pals speaking & writing
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin
  • Spanish 
  • Spanish for Fluent Speakers  
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • WHS does not offer an AP option for ASL or Korean
  • AP French is offered through Virtual Virginia

English, Math & Social Studies Electives

  • English
    • Journalism (Newspaper)
    • Photojournalism (Yearbook) 
    • Creative Writing
    • Film Study
    • Speech & Debate
  • Math
    • Computer Science
    • Need to pass Algebra and Geometry first
  • Social Studies
    • African American History

Academy Courses

  • AFJROTC – Chantilly
  • Arabic – Fairfax
  • Broadway Dance - Fairfax
  • Chinese – Fairfax
  • Dance 1 - Fairfax 
  • Hip Hop Dance - Fairfax

Career & Technical Education

  • Business
    • Accounting
    • Business Law & Business Management
    • Cyber Security Fundamentals
    • Design/Multimedia/Web Tech
    • Information Systems
    • Principles of Business
    • Programming
  • Tech Ed
    • Aerospace 1
    • Stem Design $
  • Marketing
    • Intro to Marketing
    • Fashion Marketing
  • Additional Information
    • $ = course fees
    • Can join FBLA for business or DECA for marketing classes

   Fine & Performing Arts

Additional Electives

  • Strategies for Success
  • Literacy Lab 1
  • Struggle academically and/or with SOL’s
  • AVID *
  • Yoga for Wellness
  • Sports Medicine
  •  Leadership Training 1 (SGA) *
  • * An application is required for AVID and SGA

Important Dates/Resources

  • April    Rising 9th Grade Parent Coffee
  • May  Course Verifications Mailed Home
  • June     Fall Sports Physical Night
  • June    Deadline to Request a Course Change
  • August      First Day for Fall Sports
  • August      First Day of School
  • (Technology, Schoology, Wellness, Educational, Financial Aid AND MANY MORE)

Bulldog Bootcamp

  • Monday, August 9 thru Wednesday, August 11, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Open to all rising 9th Grade Westfield High School Students!  
  • Become acquainted with Westfield High School before school starts!
  • Bulldog Bootcamp features  
  • •Get to know your classmates and make new friends!
  •    Tour the school.  See the gym, library, sub schools, and classrooms
  •    Hear from motivational speakers and learn instructional strategies to      help students have a successful freshmen year.
  •    Learn about clubs, sports, and additional extracurricular   opportunities
  •    Meet WHS faculty, staff, and administration
  •    End of Camp Cookout!

**More information and registration information to follow on the WHS website.

General Information and Documents for Current 10th , 11th and 12th Graders