Honor Code

The Westfield Honor Code is based on and reflects the fundamental beliefs that:

  • Every student has the right to learn in an academic environment free from the injustices caused by any form of intellectual dishonesty;
  • The honesty and integrity of all members of the school community are crucial in achieving and sustaining academic excellence; and
  • Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Empathy (PRIDE) will be evident in all Westfield High School activities and programs.

The functions of the Westfield Honor Code are to:

  • Communicate the meaning and importance of intellectual honesty to all members of the school community (students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators);
  • Explain and support the highest standards of conduct in academic and co-curricular affairs; and
  • Educate, identify, and sanction those who do not follow these standards

The Honor Council is the faculty panel charged with enforcement of the Honor Code.

Learn more about the Westfield Honor Code, including information regarding infraction and consequences.