Volunteer Information and Requirements

Below is a list of Westfield Honor Societies that require volunteer hours. It is hoped that, by compiling a list in one place, parents and students can plan ahead for and encourage volunteer activities. Please note that these are the guidlines and may be subject to change. It is suggested that students seek the counsel of their club/society/faculty advisor prior to engaging in an activity for which they seek "credit". It is also advised to have a non-related adult supervisor sign off on the activity. Students should maintain a copy of vertification for their own records, as it will be required by the society/club. Some groups have their own forms.


American Sign Language Honor Society Art Honor Society English Honor Society French Honor Society German Club/Honor Society History Honor Society Japanese Honor Society Latin Club/Honor Society Math Honor Society National Honor Society Science Honor Society Spanish Honor Society Tri-M Music Honor Society Government Service Learning Cord SGA

American Sign Language Honor Society

5 hours specifically with the Deaf Community

Art Honor Society

15 hours/year. 5 hours art specific; 6 due around February with balance due @ end of the year

English Honor Society

10 hours, English specific due during the 3rd quarter

French Honor Society

French specific members must earn 10 points total, 5pts. each semester. We ask that students earn at least 2 of their points through tutoring other French students. They also earn points doing other activities related to the French or World Language Department

German Club/Honor Society

8 hours, non specific

History Honor Society

10 hours, history related- January for seniors, June for juniors

Japanese Honor Society

10 points, Japanese related

Latin Club/Honor Society

10 hours each year. During senior year, need 10 hours to qualify for cords & can earn 15 hours for the Honor Society medal. For seniors, our cut-off date for earning hours is about three weeks before graduation

Math Honor Society

15 math-related hours each year.  For seniors, the hours are due around the third week in May

National Honor Society

Students inducted as juniors need 20 hours at the end of September of their senior year. They need an additional 15 hours by the end of April of their senior years. All 35 hours may be earned during the summer between their junior and senior years, as long as students do not "double dip" for example, with any other service hour requirement, such as hours earned for government, other honor societies or SGA requirements. All service hours must be recorded with a non-related adult name and contact info. Non-verifiable hours will not count. Students may only use hours earned after being inducted in NHS; hours performed before being a full member will not be allowed. Students who are inducted as seniors need to complete 20 hours by the end of April of their senior year.

Science Honor Society

15 hours- science specific. 8 hours by mid-February, 7 hours by early June

Spanish Honor Society

15 points- Spanish specific hours, deadline around May

Tri-M Music Honor Society

10 hours all music related, earned between October-May. Applies to 10-12th graders only. Students are required to have at least a 3.5 in their music class at the time of application


10 hours for Election Project (due October) with 10 additional hours to equal 20 (due January). Hours must be pre approved and verifiable ahead of time with the instructor. Subject to change

Service Learning Cord

(See separate form- go to http://www.fcps.edu/is/servicelearning/ for info. In order to earn this designation, students must volunteer 40 hours or more during their high school years. Verification sheet is turned in by the end of May of their senior year to obtain a black graduation cord.


"Deed Points" every school quarter (to include work at school events and select community service activities), community service project (student driven, minimum of one hour)