Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Testing Opt Out

Students will receive their AP Opt-Out form from Westfield High School via email during the week of October 10th which will include their previous tests and current AP course enrollment. 

Deadline:  AP students must make Opt-Out decisions by October 25th. Forms must be turned into Dana Hughes(Subschool 2) or Nicole Shaw(Subschool 4). AP Opt Out forms cannot be accepted by any other staff members.

  • Students who submit an Opt-Out form will receive a confirmation email from Nicole Shaw or Dana Hughes to confirm the receipt of your Opt-Out form. If you do not receive an email confirmation by October 31, 2022, assume your form has not been received/processed and see Ms. Hughes or Ms. Shaw immediately.

2022-23 AP Test Fees

Please visit 2022-23  FCPS AP Testing fee schedule  or AP Testing Fees FAQ for in-depth information regarding the 2022-23 AP Test fees.

  • Fees for the first six AP tests taken for courses in which students are enrolled for high school credit will be paid for by FCPS. 
  • For each exam beyond six, families will be charged the College Board testing fee of $96. Students who are eligible for Free/Reduced lunch and have completed the Consent to Share form will not be charged the exam fee(s).
  • Students that wish to take AP tests without enrolling in the corresponding FCPS course are responsible for the test fee(s). 
  • FCPS encourages all students to take AP/IB tests for courses in which they are enrolled. However, students will have the opportunity to opt-out of the test(s) by filling out an Opt-Out form to be provided by the school in mid-October. 
  • Parents will be billed a non-refundable test fee in December 2022 for tests that exceed the six FCPS funded tests.

2023 AP Testing Schedule

  • All 2023 AP exams will be taken in school and most will be taken in a paper/pencil format.




7:45 AM Student Arrival


11:45 AM Student Arrival

Monday, May 1



Tuesday, May 2

United States Government and Politics

 **Studio Art Portfolios due to teacher**

Environmental Science



 Spanish Literature




Wednesday, May 3

English Literature and Composition


Computer Science A

Comparative Government and Politics

Thursday, May 4


Human Geography





Friday, May 5

United States History


Art History

Monday, May 8



Calculus AB

Calculus BC



Computer Science Principles

Tuesday, May 9

English Language and Composition


Physics C: Mechanics

Wednesday, May 10

Spanish Language and Culture


Thursday, May 11

French Language and Culture

 World History:Modern

Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Friday, May 13


German Language and Culture


Physics 2: Algebra-Based




Late Exams and Conflicts:

May 17-19, 2023

  • Please note: Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and Westfield have no control over the exam dates and times. They are set annually by College Board and cannot be changed. Late testing is not permitted unless approved. See your AP Testing Coordinators for more information.



For additional questions/concerns contact your AP Exam Coordinators:

Nicole Shaw 703-488-6373

Dana Hughes 703-488-6842