Expectations on Grading

Westfield High School Expectations on Grading Each One, Reach One, Teach One- Westfield High School’s vision statement, reinforces the belief that every student at Westfield can (and will) succeed. It is also our belief that strong, positive relationships with students serve as the foundation upon which they depend to forge their academic and behavioral success.

Establishing and maintaining a high level of consistency with the manner in which student learning is assessed is also a critical factor to ensure that our students have access to learning environments and assessment opportunities that are equitable. The expectations below are representative of an in-depth vetting process by the Instructional Council and the Administrative Team at Westfield.

In addition, feedback from mini-faculty meetings and results from student, parent, and teacher surveys were also considered. As a member of the Instructional Staff at Westfield, you are expected to adhere to the following expectations related to the assessment of student work.

FCPS High School Grading and Reporting Policies

  • Homework (not including long-term projects, major written assignments, and/or performances) may not count for more than 10% of a student’s overall grade. In addition, homework must be meaningful and manageable. Penalties for the late submission of homework assignments will be agreed upon by collaborative teams.
  • Final exams must not count for more than 11.11% of a student’s final grade.
  • Winter break will be designated as a homework-free holiday. Long-term assignments will not be due the first class meeting immediately following winter break.
  • Parent notification for students failing (or in danger of failing) classes is critical. As indicated in the FCPS Grading and Reporting Guidelines, “Teachers should notify parents by telephone, by e-mail, or in writing, before a student receives a failing quarter grade, a failing end-of-course grade, or a grade significantly lower than previously reported progress”. Westfield High School expects that this communication must happen and a parent response completes the teacher notification unless there is no response after several attempts. These notifications are in addition to the interim and quarter grade reports.
  • Teachers will use the Google Apps failure report to identify students with “F” grades at both semester and end of year. The report will include dates and methods of parent contact and interventions provided.
  • Teachers will use both percentages and quality points in the determination of both semester and final grades. Teachers must record the higher of the two grades at both semester time and final mark.
  • We want students to understand the need to complete the work assigned even if it means turning work in late. Therefore, collaborative teams will create language that allows for students to turn in work late albeit with penalty. The language “No late work accepted” must not be included in course expectations/policies/syllabi with the exception of students who have an unexcused absence. See below for the unexcused absence policy in the FCPS Grading and Reporting guidelines*.
  • Collaborative teams will have policies in place that allow for students to conduct make-up and/or secondchance assessments. In the case of second-chance assessments, criteria for students to be eligible for a re-take must be clearly outlined.

*From Grading and Reporting - Unexcused absences do not mandate course failure. If students are absent and unexcused, they cannot earn credit for classroom activities or labs missed as a result. Students may choose to make up work following unexcused absences and teachers may help the student and parent or guardian identify missed work, but teachers are not obligated to provide makeup assignments. Make up work is encouraged so that students will be prepared for future instruction.