Clubs & Sponsors

Fairfax County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all clubs and activities.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies as they relate to student activities and athletics: Bill Curran, Director Activities and Athletics Fairfax County Public Schools [email protected].

Club/Activity (Links to flipgrid page)

Faculty Sponsor

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American Sign Language (ASL)

Brittany Burke 


American Sign Language Honor Society

Brittany Burke


Android App-making Club

Charles Cowell  

Art Club/NAHS National Art Honor Society

Roson, DumaisFlorimonte, Pierce,  and Whiteash  


Artificial Intelligence Club

Christy Jenkins-Dietz @AiclubWHS

Asian Student Association

Greg Rupert  

Aviation/Aeronautical Club

C. Cowell


Bangladeshi Student Association

Laura Cudahy  




Black Student Union

Xiara Davis and Faye Lavenhouse


Book Club

Joann Lesser


Bulldog Buddies

Magarelli, Manikas, Klark, and Kirkpatrick


Bulldog Travel Arts



Bulldogs Against Gun Violence

Kevin Laub  

Business Honor Society

Cheryl Edwards


Cappies Critics Club

Enza Giannone-Hosig  

Chess Club

Joann Lesser


Class of 2023

Darr and Wultors


Class of 2024

Elyse Grossberg and Katie Clarkin @WHS_Class2024

Class of 2025

Bendorf and Donnelly  

Class of 2026

Jones, Keeder, and Suh  

College Partnership



Cybersecurity Club

H. Harrison  

Dance Team

Jessica Magarelli


Data Science Club

Jen Santiago  


Cory Fox





Dhar Mann Production Network

Steven Turchin  

English Honor Society

Deborah Van Trees


Entrepreneurship Club

S. Pollack


Environmental Protection Club

D. Le Gros, Valdivia


Ethiopian Student Association (ESA)

Keeder, Fox, Sulkin  

Fashion Club



Mike Moore


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

K. Deegan


Financial Literacy Club

G. Case  

French Club


French Honor Society



Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Burke and Murphy  

German Club / Honor Society

Glenn Rife


GoldTones A Capella

Katie Pierce  




Dana Ouart, Geneva Ardalan  

Hip Hop Dance Team



History Honor Society

Josh ArandaGretchen Snyder and Jen Santiago


Ice Dogs

John Baranowski


Improv Club

 Enza Giannone-Hosig


Indian Student Association


Indoor Drumline

Alan Johnson  

International Awareness Club

Jennifer Kuchno


Japanese Honor Society



Key Club

Drew Donnelly


Latin Dance Club

Geneva Ardalan and Lisa Cathro


Latin Student Association

Christianna Carreno  

LINK-Korean Club

Drew Donnelly


Marketing Honor Society

Cheryl Edwards


Math Honor Society

 Christy Jenkins-Dietz, Willenbrock, and Wultors


Math Olympiad





Model Judiciary

Shawn English

Model United Nations

Jen Santiago

Muslim Student Association

Noel Klippenstein


National Honor Society

Blizzard and Dirga


Nepali Student Association (NSA)


Pre-Med Club

Karen Bendorf


Psychology Club

Darr and Hahne  

Robotics Club

Roman Lowkis


SAC (Student Advisory Council)

Fermin and Loder


Science Club

Adam Nixon


Science Honor Society

W. Keay and L. Leno


Science Olympiad

Lavenhouse and Waterfall


SGA (Student Government Assoc.)

Fermin and Loder


Spanish Club

Geneva Ardalan


Spanish Honor Society

Maria Ferkova

whs_spanishhs (IG)

Table Top Club

Drew Donnelly


The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC)

C. Cowell  

Theatre MainStage

Enza Giannone-Hosig  

Thespian Society

 Enza Giannone-Hosig



Katie Pierce


Trivia Club (formerly It's Academic)

John Baranowski


Ultimate Frisbee

Glenn Rife



Maria Ferkova


Watchdog Newspaper

Aaron Sulkin


Westfield’s Minds Matter

Rebecca Darr

westfieldmindsmatter (IG)

Westfield Politics Club

Gibbs and Morris  

Yearbook “The Guardian”

Jessica Naeve


Young Men's Leadership Group

T. Tucker and L. Waterman  

If you have questions please contact Tina Tagliavia  in the Student Activities Office.