Health and PE Uniform Information

Required: WHS PE shirt ($4) and WHS PE shorts ($8).

The following optional items: sweatpants ($13), sweatshirts ($16), towel service ($12), and string backpacks ($10) can be purchased through their PE teacher.

The following optional items: Women's Dry Fit Shirt ($13.25), Men's Dry Fit Shirt ($13.25), Women's Dry Fit Shorts ($27) NEW Mens Dry Fit Shorts ($18.25)  can be purchased through BSNSports using this link . For more information click here.

Students receive a free lock to use for PE class. If the lock is lost or not returned at the end of the year, the student will be charged a $8 replacement fee. No Personal locks are allowed in locker room.


My School Bucks


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  1.  After your student is added – this is your home screen. Outstanding class fees and other information will post here to be paid.


  1.  You are now ready to shop! Choose Meal Accounts to pay for lunches


  1. Choose School Store (Browse All Items) to purchase other non-student fee related items.


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