English for Speakers of Other Languages

How does our ESOL Department help Westfield Students?

ESOL services prepare students to be college and career ready by developing proficiency in the English language. ESOL services help students achieve academic success, develop critical thinking skills, and solve problems. More specifically, ESOL services: 

  • Develop English learners’ language proficiency and communication skills.
  • Create rigorous content-based curricula and resources to foster English learners’ collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Support English learners’ access to advanced academics or appropriate special services.
  • Provide learning environments that build on students’ diverse academic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Promote active participation of English learners and their families in the school community.

All students take the WIDA test which measures their progression through the program.  There are four parts, Listening Reading and Speaking & Writing

Westfield is diverse and the ESOL Department prides themselves at working with students from numerous countries including Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Malaysia just to name a few!

Expand each section below to see courses offered.  View the course information below as a PDF.

ESOL English Classes Offered

  • EL English 9 Level 1-4
  • EL English 10 Level 1-4
  • EL English 11 Level 1-4
  • English Language Development 9 and 10 Levels 1-4
  • English Language Development 10 Levels 3-4
  • Academic Literacy and English Language Development

ESOL Math Classes Offered

  • Math Readiness for ELs/Prealgebra for ELs
  • Prealgebra for ELs (full year)
  • EL Algebra 1 and EL Algebra 1/Part 1
  • EL Algebra (full year)

ESOL Science Classes Offered

  • EL Active Physics - Levels 1-2
  • EL Environmental Science - Levels 2-3
  • EL Biology Levels 3-4

ESOL Elective Classes Offered

  • EL Strategies for Success Levels 1-2
  • EL Digital Applications Levels 1-2

ESOL Social Studies Classes Offered

  • EL Government Levels 1-2
  • EL World History Levels 3-4
  • EL USVA History (grade 11) Levels 1-4