The Westfield Library has a variety of eBooks and eAudiobooks available to students. Access is available by going to the library's catalog and clicking on the icon under "Learning Resources"

icon for teen book cloud

TeenBookCloud: an online collection of eBooks, both fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, videos, and audiobooks at a variety of reading levels.  Books can be selected by browsing or the index can be used to determine the book’s reading level and features.

icon for mackin

MackinVia: Fictional eBooks and eAudiobooks that can be searched a variety of ways such as by subject, author, genre, series, page length, etc.

icon for comics plus

ComicsPlus: An online collection of graphic novels and comic books.

icon for myon

MyOn Books: large library of enhanced digital books for listening or reading. Books can be searched by subject or reading levels.