Honor Societies

English Honor Society | Sponsor: Maren Carey | @email

French Honor Society | Sponsor: Claire Odoux | @email


A student must be enrolled in the fourth semester or higher of French, maintain a B+ average in French, and a B average overall. Students seeking membership also must indicate a strong desire to be active in the French program at Westfield by providing tutoring for French students and participating in community outreach and fundraising activities.

Membership Dues

Dues are $10 for the first year and $10 for the second year of membership.

Service Hours

Members are required to earn 5 points of service hours per semester. Points can be earned by tutoring, helping French teachers (Madame Bragg and/or Madame Odoux), participating in fundraisers and/or in all FHS activities.

Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony will take place on April 18th at 3:15 in the Lecture Hall.

Officer Elections

Elections take place early in May to determine officers for the following school year.  Information will be posted in early May on the FHS Blackboard Group.

Blackboard Group

All current FHS members are enrolled in the Blackboard group in order to receive timely information updates.

German Honor Society | Sponsor: Glenn Rife | @email

General Information

  • Students are eligible to join after 3 or more semesters of German.
  • Eligible students must have an overall GPA of greater than 3.0, and greater than 3.5 in German, and must not have been written up for Honor Code violations.
  • Interested students can pick up an application from Herr Rife in room G-211 starting in January.
  • Applicants should take their forms with them to their counselor during course selection.
  • All applications will be due by the end of the course selection and registration period.

Membership Dues and Induction Ceremony

  • Dues for all members are $5 each year. Please drop off cash or a check (made payable to Westfield High School) to Herr Rife in room G-211.    
  • A banquet is held every Spring for new inductees and returning members, usually at the Euro Bistro in Herndon.

Service Hours and Honor Cords

  • All students in NGHS should perform a minimum of 8 service hours per year.
  • Credit will be given for service hours performed for courses or groups, provided that the student has actively attended German Club/Honor Society meetings as well.
  • Senior members must provide evidence of their 8 service hours in order to receive their honor cords for graduation.

History Honor Society | Sponsors:  Heather Simonds |  @email

If you are interested in joining History Honors Society (HHS) and were unable to attend the meeting, please see Mrs. Simonds in room E-101 to pick up an application. The deadline for handing in applications is October 2nd, 2018. No late applications will be accepted so be sure to plan accordingly.

Dues are $10 for the year. They are due by November 1st, 2018.

Math Honor Society | Sponsor: Isaac Bumgardner | @email

National Honor Society | Sponsors: Jessica Finley @email, Amanda Blizzard amblizzard@fcps.edu

General Information

  • Application form from website must be filled out completely- no attachments or formats will be accepted. 
  • Members inducted as juniors must complete 20 service hours during junior year and 15 service hours during senior year.
  • Members inducted as seniors must complete 20 service hours during senior year.
  • ALL members must complete at least FIVE service hours per year at official NHS group service projects. (These five hours count as part of the 20 or 15 hours a member must already complete, not in addition to the total hours.)
  • Members may not double-count service hours with other honor societies or organizations, nor may they count hours that are required for other groups or for which they receive compensation in the form of payment or class credit.
  • Members may NOT have a parent or other relative sign off on any service hours. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this rule. If you have a question, please contact one of the sponsors.
  • Junior members may complete more than the 20 required junior hours in their first year of membership; all additional hours will be counted toward senior hours.

For Additional Information and Mandatory Application Documents Click Here


Science Honor Society | Sponsor: Mariam Awad  @email | Penelope Panzer @email

Spanish Honor Society | Sponsor: Maria Ferkova @email