Black Student Union Talent Showcase

February 22, 2022

As a finale to BSU Spirit week and as part of Black History Month, students and teachers performed during advisory on Friday, February 18th for the BSU Talent Showcase.  The emcees taught the audience about the history and importance of each type of performance, before turning the stage over to the performers, who wowed the audience with their talents.  From singing to stepping to hip hop dance and spoken word, the talent was on display!   The show was performed live for a limited audience in the auditorium and streamed via Zoom to all other advisory classes.

Special shoutout to all the performers:

  • BSU Leaders
  • Ariana Thomas
  • Mr. McCants
  • Ms. Fox
  • Mr. Tucker
  • Westfield Hip Hop Dance Team
  • Westfield Step Team
Collage of images of performers