Westfield PRIDE Weekly Messages

By Ms. Norris
June 12, 2020

The Westfield Professional Development Committee, Westfield Live and Student Government Association recognize how challenging it has been and will continue to be as we navigate life outside the hallways of Westfield High School. In this world of unknown, one certainty is how much our faculty and staff miss our students, community and one another.  

To stay connected as a school community, the organizations above have launched Westfield Weekly Pride Messages.

  • Every Wednesday,  a video will sent to school staff containing a Principal’s/Admin Message, Wellness Tips, Tech Tips, messages from students & staff, and a weekly staff challenge. 
  • Every Friday, a video will air containing a Principal’s Message, remarks from various students and staff members, words of encouragement from our Coaches Corner, tips for overall wellness, and the weekly SGA challenge. Each week's videeo can be found on our Westfield Live YouTube channel.

We value the relationships we have as a Bulldog family and want to continue to stay healthy, strong and maintain our #WHSBulldogPride.