Special Education

Category A and Category B special education instruction that is focused on meeting the unique needs of our students with disabilities

Special Education Leadership Contacts

Xiara Davis, Special Education Acting Administrator 

Kylie Eldredge, Cat A Department Chair

Shelley Miller, Cat B Department Chair

Case Management

Ensure teachers have access to IEPs

Assist teachers in understanding and implementing IEP accommodations

Serve as a resource for students and parents

Communicate information regarding progress toward IEP goals

Manage the IEP and re-evaluation processes

In most cases, the case manager will be one of the student’s current classroom teachers

Course Placement and Selection

Special education support is offered in all core classes required for the standard diploma

Required courses offered in team taught and self-contained settings (similar to those in MS)

Level of support is determined by the IEP team

Adapted Curriculum

Daily communication folders


Supervised hallway transitions

Supervised lunch period

Grouped by skill level

Typical Freshman schedule includes:

  • Foundations of English
  • Foundations of Math
  • Career Prep
  • Adapted PE or PE
  • 2 Electives (Offer Adapted Music and Adapted Art)