Student Parking

Instructions for students who would like to obtain a student parking hang-tag for 2022-2023 school year.

    Our parking application process will remain entirely digital.  You only need to pick up your hang-tag in person once all steps are complete - there will be no forms to hand in.  We do require families to complete the application together - student and parent or guardian.  This process should take forty minutes to complete, which includes a twenty-minute recorded student safety briefing that must be completed before hang-tag pickup.  Our process is designed to ensure accuracy and understanding of Westfield's Safety and Security Department parking policies.

    The online application process for the 2022 -2023 school year opens at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, to all eligible students.

      Parking on School Grounds is a Privilege

      Parking on campus is a privilege and not a right. It is not guaranteed. It is based on space availability as determined by FCPS and the on-site Safety and Security Specialist.

      Students wishing to park on campus during school hours are required to have an FCPS-issued hang-tag. Parking without a hang-tag obtained as described is prohibited, as is parking at Cub Run RECenter, or parking at other private and professional business lots in the surrounding areas. Local businesses do ticket and tow violating vehicles at the owner's expense. The Westfield Security Specialist and Administrative Staff reserve the right to deny any student the privilege of parking on school grounds. Assigned hang-tags and the privilege to park on campus, can be revoked for any reason and will be revoked for a minimum of two weeks when directly related to SR&R and Virginia State Traffic Code violations such as but not limited to, leaving school grounds, transporting students without proper authorization, reckless driving.

      We cannot process applications for students who do not currently have a valid driver’s license. Applications however are accepted through June 2023 for those who obtain their license throughout the school year.


      Parking Fees

      The Fairfax County School Board has set the following parking fees for the 2022 - 2023 school year as follows:

      1st Quarter

      2nd Quarter

      3rd Quarter

      4th Quarter

      August 1 -

      June 10

      October 29 -

      June 10

      January 26 -

      June 10

      April 14 -

      June 10

      $200.00 $150.00 $100.00 $50.00

      *The dollar amounts listed above are pro-rated based on when you purchase a parking pass*

      If you are a student who is free or reduced lunch eligible for the current school year, upon verification of your status, parking fees are available to you at a reduced rate. Verify your status by emailing a copy of your verification letter from FCPS Food and Nutrition Services directly to Ms. Coots at @email. Once verified, you will be emailed the appropriate payment link. DO NOT make a payment until you have received that email. Any other payments, once submitted, cannot and will not be refunded per FCPS policy.


      Academy Students

      Academy students needing to travel from one campus to another are expected to utilize the Academy shuttle bus. Academy students wanting to park on campus and have a valid need to drive to their academy locations must contact Mr. Mahan at [email protected] outlining that need. If approved, students will then need to contact their Academy to receive instructions on how to apply for parking on their campus and then receive approval. Approvals from both the Academy and Westfield are required in order to drive to academies. At no time is transporting other students to the academy authorized or allowed. Doing so will result in the loss of parking privileges at Westfield.  


      Many student and parent/guardian questions and answers can be found below. For anything not addressed, please utilize the WHS Student Parking Questions form for the most prompt response - please allow 72 hours for a response.

      Frequently Asked Question And Answers (List updated as new questions are received)


      Detailed information on student parking fees can be found on page 4 of FCPS Notice 5922

      • How does the quarter dollar amounts work?
        • The dollar amount listed are prorated based on when you purchase a parking hang-tag.
      • Can I pay each quarter?
        • No.  Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase.
      • If my student pays for parking during the third quarter how much will it be?
        • $100 for the remainder of the school year.
      • What are the parking fees for students with free or reduced parking?
      • What is needed to verify students with free or reduced-price meals?
        • If your students was free or reduced last year typically Mr. Mahan can verify internally.
        • If your student is new to free or reduced show a copy of the form you received from Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) to Ms. Coots.
      • Can I pay in a payment plan?
        • No.  Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase.
      • Can I pay quarterly?
        • No.  Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase.
      • If my student does not utilize their parking spot can they receive a refund?
        • No.  Once the appropriate fee is paid, it is nonrefundable and nontransferable pursuant to FCPS Policy -  of FCPS Notice 5922

      Academy Parking

      • My student is going to be enrolled in an FCPS academy. What is the process for parking at the academy?
        • Bus services for academy students needing to travel from one campus to another are provided and are the preferred mode of travel.  
        • All students are expected to utilize the shuttle bus unless a request has been submitted and approved.
        • Academy students who have a need to park at Westfield and then drive to their academy locations, will be required to fill out an additional form to obtain permission. If permission is granted, student will then contact the Academy to receive instructions and approval. Approval from both the Academy and Westfield are required.

      Vehicle Registration

      • Can they drive another vehicle to school that is not previously registered?  Examples include a vehicle in the shop or a new car.
        • Yes. 
          • Use the Student Parking Question Form above to submit the information form to submit both temporary (single day/week long) and permanent (long-term) changes or updates in vehicle information.
          • You can also email Ms. Coots directly at [email protected] and provide the same information that was required at the time of application. Up to two vehicles can be on file.


      • I can not see the Westfield Parking Permit store.
        • Try using a desktop or laptop.  Users who are using a cellphone have reported that it was hard to browse.
        • Ensure you have registered your student to Westfield High School in MySchoolBucks to see all the Westfield items.
        • I need more MySchoolBucks help Call 1-855-832-5226 Mon-Fri: 7am - 7pm (Eastern Time)


      Parking Rules and Regulations