College Application Process

The process for seniors looking to apply to college

Welcome to Senior Year!

WHS Senior Guide for Post-Secondary Planning

Attached is a link to the WHS Senior Guide for Post-Secondary Planning

Time Stamps:

Post-Secondary Options - 1:32

Two-Year Options – 4:16

Four-Year Schools – 7:41

Paying for Your Education – 10:58

Admission Options and Trends – 13:30

Applying to College / Westfield Application Process – 17:20

  • Transcript Request Process
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Testing

Next Steps / Contact Information – 24:40

Please reference the WHS Senior Guide to Planning and Senior Letter 2020, which was sent out to seniors with additional information, posted below.

 WHS Senior Guide to Planning.pdf

Senior Letter 2020.pdf

College Application

  • Students are responsible for mailing their college applications, essays, and application fees to the college(s) to which they are applying.

Test Scores

  • It is the student’s responsibility to have all test scores sent directly to each college. SATs can be sent via and ACTs can be sent via Westfield High School does not send test scores.


Counselor Recommendation (if needed) - you will need to submit the Senior Information Profile/Packet (located in Family Connections under DOCUMENTS LIBRARY) to your counselor at least 15 days before the college application deadline in order to ensure that the recommendation is included in the transcript packet & sent before the deadline (located in FAMILY CONNECTIONS/Document Library).

Teacher Recommendation (if needed) - students must give the teacher one self-addressed stamped envelope for EACH school to which they are applying. Include a short resume with your full name, address and date of birth. The teacher will then mail or upload the recommendation directly to each college. Inform the teacher of the college deadline and give them plenty of notice to write the letter in order to have it mailed before the college deadline.