Class of 2020


  • Graduation for the Class of 2020 will be on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at Eagle Bank Arena from 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.


  • May 16, 2020 from 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. at the Dulles Hilton

Class Sponsors

Class Administrator 

Meredith Norris |  


  • President | Sarah Luffy

  • Vice President | Bella Rubijono

  • Secretary | Celina Selvathambi

  • Treasurer | Anthony King

  • Historian | Sharon Park

  • Senator | Charlotte Tiss

Graduation Video Purchase Information

Memories Video is providing an opportunity to purchase a video of graduation.  These videos are available as a video download, Blu-Ray or DVD.  Orders can be placed at this website OR by downloading the PDF below and return it by mail or at graduation.

Order a video of graduation (PDF download) or link to order online 

WeSTEP 2020 - May 18th to 29th

Description of Program:  Eligible seniors will participate in a nine-day, 60-hour internship at local businesses, schools, and community service organizations. This experience will benefit students in numerous ways and provide them with a tangible experience, so they can put academic interests in action in a non-academic setting.

Senior Internship Dates:  Monday, May 18th through Friday, May 29th.

Presentation Dates: Monday, June 1st through Wednesday, June 3rd. All presentations must be presented to your observing faculty member by June 3rd

Performing Arts Policy: Students who plan to participate in the WeSTEP program and are enrolled in choir, orchestra, theater and/or band need to consider that all rehearsals and performances are mandatory. These include class period, afterschool, dress rehearsals and performances.

Grading:  Students will be done with classes when they start their internship. A student’s final grade for each class will be determined by the grades achieved up to the point of the internship.  WeSTEP seniors will be exempt from final exams EXCEPT AP tests and Academy final exams.

Internship: Students will not be able to have their internship experience at their current place of employment or with a family member (i.e. parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, and/or etc.). If a student does this and/or does not complete the 60-hour internship, he/she will not be able to participate in senior activities (Senior BBQ, All Night Grad Party, etc.) and must return to Westfield High School to take their senior finals. Additionally, students cannot use Westfield High School as their internship site.

Decision Letters: All decisions related to acceptance or denial for WeSTEP are FINAL. Students should check their record (attendance, discipline, and grades) before the end of third quarter to ensure that it is accurate. If a student does not meet the criteria by the time their data is gathered, then he/she will not gain access to the program. 

Full Application (PDF)  

Class of 2020 100 Days to Graduation Meeting

February 25, 2020 |  7pm

  1. Welcome & Introductions                                                    Senior Officers
  2. Important Dates & Senior Information                            Senior Sponsors/Officers
  3. We-STEP Information                                                             Mark Deaton
  4. Graduation Rehearsal Information                                   Meredith Norris/Sonya Williams
  5. Graduation Product Information from Balfour             Dan Pasquarelli
  6. Graduation Eagle Bank Arena Information                    Zion McKinney
  7. PTSA Cutting EdgUcation Information                             Meredyth Fallon
  8. PTSA Mulch Day Information                                               Jennie Ryman
  9. PTSA Yard Signs & Scholarship Information                   Jennie Ryman
  10. PTSA All Night Grad Party Info                                            Jennie Ryman
  11. Wrap-up/Opportunity for questions                                Meredith Norris/Sonya Williams

Important Dates

3/22 & 3/29: Mulch Delivery

6/1/2020: 12:00 PM Senior Class Assembly & BBQ

4/30/2020: Senior Assembly during Bulldog Block

6/2/2020: 12:45 PM Grad Rehearsal #1

5/16/2020: Prom @ Dulles Hilton

6/3/2020: 12:45 PM Grad Rehearsal #2

5/18/2020: We-Step Begins

6/3/2020: 7:00 PM Senior Awards in Auditorium

5/26/2020: First day of Senior Exams

6/4/2020: 7:30 PM Graduation @ Eagle Bank

5/29/2020: Last day of Senior Exams

6/4/2020: 11:30 PM All Night Grad Party

5/31/2020: Baccalaureate: TBD


Important Contact Information

Senior Class Sponsor

Brian Barrows


Senior Class Sponsor

Drew Donnelly


Senior Class Administrator

Meredith Norris


Director of Student Services

Sonya Williams


Senior Class Administrative Assistant

Kristine Oleksiak

@email * Senior dues can be paid in SS4 or

Balfour Representative

Dan Pasquarelli



Jennie Ryman


We Step Co-Sponsor

Tabatha Bragg


We-Step Co-Sponsor

Mark Deaton


PTSA Yard Sign

Attention Senior Parents! The PTSA is excited to offer WHS Class of 2020 yard signs!  Text on the signs will appear exactly as shown in the sample. All signs will say GRADUATE and will NOT have the students name printed on the sign.  The sign is 24" by 24" and comes with a wire step stake for you to install.

If you are interested in a sign for your 2020 graduate: 

  • Fill out the order form below. Please print clearly.
  • Include payment of $20 per sign, cash or check payable to WHS PTSA
  • Send order form and payment to the main office in an envelope labeled PTSA
  • All orders must be received by 3pm on Wednesday 4/1/2020.
  • Signs will be available based on when your order is received. 
    • Orders received by 3pm on Wednesday 1/29 will be available the week of 2/17.
    • Orders received by 3pm on Wednesday 2/26 will be available the week of 3/16.
    • Orders received by the final deadline will be available the week of 4/20.
  • Watch your email for pickup/delivery details.

PTSA Yard Sign Order Form (PDF)

End Of Year Exam Schedule is now posted!